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I am 23 and have arthritis in the basal joint of my thumb. This grip has literally changed my life.
It has been years since I have been able to write pain-free? and would recommend this pen orthotic
to anyone who struggles with thumb pain. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. Cheers!

ByDavid K.

I have some pretty significant problems that affect my hands (inflammatory arthritis, neuropathy,
muscle weakness, along with vascular issues like raynaud's, acrocyanosis, and chronic chilblains),
and as a result of them, I have struggled a lot with writing and drawing. My occupational therapist
recommended this pencil grip, and it has helped tremendously.
I'm now able to write faster and with much less pain. Before, I would get so frustrated and upset
that I would avoid writing altogether, but now I'm able to function a lot better.
It holds any standard sized pencils, mechanical pencils, and pens.

I also love how low profile this is. I'm in high school, so I really didn't want to use something
that looked overtly medical, and this is a lot better in than regard than a lot of the alternatives.

Melanie V. Jeff

I bought it for my 96 yr. mother it gives her a better grip with her words puzzles. She loves it.
Amazon Customer

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